Voices Of New Members

“Thanks to SIM I for believing in me and giving me a chance in representing the club in Area contest when I only joined the club for 2 months. I am glad I did the club proud and advanced to Division level. ”
Xie WeiXian

“SIM I is a dynamic and vibrant club.”
Ng Li Xi

“The meetings are fun and enjoyable.”
Lin Pan Pan

“SIM I provides a conducive environment for me to improve my public speaking skills”
Chen Xuezeng

“SIM I Toastmaster club is a fun club, where you can laugh, de-stress and practice your public speaking knowing that you will be given quality feedback and not laughed at.”
Fenny Suryanto

“SIM I Toastmaster club is a good platform to polished public speaking and to network with people from different industries.”
Lucy Tan

“SIM I Toastmasters club provides a lively, fun, dynamic and supportive platform for members to grow and evolve their public speaking and leadership skills.”
Brandon Hong

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