Membership Application

Membership Application

SIM I Toastmasters is an interest group of Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

Interested individual MUST be a member of SIM prior to joining SIM I Toastmasters Club.

SIM Membership

SIM, being a professional membership organisation, requires applicants to our programmes who are not SIM Individual members or employees of corporate members to apply for SIM membership.

For more information about the benefits of SIM membership or the required membership application fee, please call 6248 9449 or email

You can also apply online here.

SIM I Toastmasters Club Membership

All applicants must have one of the following membership of SIM:

1.  For Individual members – Individual Membership
2.  For Staff of Corporate members – Corporate Membership

Members’ SIM individual membership fee has to be paid in order to continue their membership with SIM I Toastmasters.

Members whose SIM corporate membership fees are still outstanding might have to apply for SIM individual membership in the event that the company decided not to renew SIM membership.

Wef June 2006, Entrance fee of S$50 (one time payment for new member). Subscription for one term (6 months) is S$148.

Members who wish to pay for two terms (full year), the fee is S$286. Not applicable to new member.

Subscription fee will be pro-rated based on the joining month.

You can contact any of the EXCO for more information.

Click here to download the Membership Application Form and the detailed breakdown of the pro-rated membership fee at time of application.

The application form includes

– 4 pages SIM Toastmasters form

– 1 page of credit card payment form

– 3 pages of SIM individual membership application form

Please download this freeware program if you cannot view the downloaded file


  1. Dear Sir/ Madam

    I am currently a first year student at SIM . Waiting to start my course in Sept at SIM. AM i eligible to sign up for the toast masters course?

  2. Hi!

    I am interested to know more about the Toastmasters program but I have yet to decide for myself If I would like to be an official member of SIM Toastmasters yet. Is it possible for me to drop by for a session and experience for myself the richness of this program before I decide to commit to it?


  3. Of course, Alvin. You may come to join us at the next TM meeting Dec 18. Btw Dec 11 is our annual Christmas party. Would you like to come along ?

    VP PR for SIM 1 TM

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