Installation Night 2013

Guest of Honour

John Liew, ACG, ALB (Division B Governor 2012/2013)


Education Awards

Wilson Ong – Competent Communicator
Trinicia Tan – Competent Communicator
Belinda Woo – Advanced Communicator – Silver
Michael Ng – Advanced Communicator – Gold


Leadership Awards

Wilson Ong – Advanced Leader – Bronze
Benjamin Lim – Advanced Leader – Bronze


Outstanding Attendance Award

1.Wilson Ong, ACB, ALB

2.Stephanie Lim, CTM, CL

3.Hong Meifang, CC

4.Trinicia Tan, CC

5.Michael Ng, ACG, ALB

6.Max Wong

7.Woo Eik Boon, Belinda, ACS, CL

8.Vera Chia, CC

9.Paul Lee, CTM


2012/2013 Best of the Best Awards

Best Table Topic Speaker Award x 1

Trinicia Tan, CC


Best Project Speaker Award x 4

Trinicia Tan, CC

Vera Chia, CC

Wilson Ong, ACB, ACL

Goh Li-Ying


Best Evaluator  x 1

Patricia Lim, ATM-B, ALS


Rookie of year 2012/13

Max Wong


Toastmaster of the Year 2012/13

Wilson Ong, ACB, ACL