Congratulations to WeiXian who represented our club in both humorous speech and speech evaluation contest.

He emerged as Speech Evaluation Champion and 2nd runner up in Humorous Speech contest.

Congratulations once again. 
He will be representing Area B3 to compete in the division B speech evaluation contest. Let us show our support.

Continue to fly our club’s flag high! 🚩

30th Anniversary Celebration!!

November 2014, SIM 1 Toastmasters Club turns 30 years old! Given the rich history of the club and being one of the longest standing in Singapore, it calls for celebration!

We had a dinner gala, dine, dance, sing and even a best dress contest! What’s more, the emcees are none other then our own club members!

President’s Opening Address: Celebrate the Past, Embrace the Future

A wonderful evening, Guest of Honour Mr Jeff Tan, District Governor, DTM Chew Ban Seng, past & present District Officer, Fellow Toastmasters and guests.  It is a great pleasure and privilege to receive your support to commemorate the formation of SIM I TMC 3 decades ago.

Indeed we are One Community, One Toastmaster, interdependent on each other. Welcome!

When I joined the SIM I TMC 13 years ago, little did I dream that I would be standing here to present the Opening Address in such a significant event.  I was an introvert and I shun leadership, but I ended up in the platform where leaders are made. I am not an adventurer by choice, but by fate !  How my life has been transformed, thanks to Toastmasters International !!

Tonight our purpose is to celebrate the past, and embrace the future. We are here to remember this occasion for 3 reasons

– to spur us and keep us focused;

– to remember our blessings; and

– to stay in touch with our club and our Toastmaster friends.

An Austrian artist and architect Hundertwasser said “If we do not honour the past, we lose our future. If we destroy our roots, we cannot grow.”

Our roots in SIM I TMC are very deep and strong. Tonight, we stop & pause – to recall our journey so far – the friends we have made, the speeches we have presented, the lives we have touched, the lives that have been transformed and the success we enjoyed. Because when we forget the past, we lose the anchor that keeps us from drifting. When we forget the sacrifices made for our success, we take success for granted.

During the 30years, we encountered challenges. Challenges are healthy. They wake us up. They remind us to persevere with faithfulness & unity. If there are no challenges, there are no victories !! If there are no victories, there is nothing to celebrate !! Challenges and perseverance strengthen our character. They give us greater hope about the future. It is during this journey that relationships are formed. That is why so many of us are here tonight.

Many of us took great pains to dress up tonight. Is that important? I believe, it is more important we clothe ourselves with the garment of love, respect, kindness, gentleness, obedience, faithfulness and humility. Such characteristics are the foundation of harmonious relationships. When we have harmonious relationships, we will be united. When we are united, we will be faithful, and we will breeze through any obstacles that stand in the way.

In the last 30years, our relationships were tested. Some left the club, but most of them stayed on. In the next 30 years, the test will be similar. But if we clothe ourselves with respect, humility and love, we will be able to embrace the future with triumph & confidence !

In conclusion, let this celebration spur us on, remember the blessings and stay in touch with our Toastmaster friends.  Most important, to build and grow harmonious relationships, whether in Toastmasters, workplace, family or community.

I speak success and victories in your relationships, and lastly, do enjoy yourselves to the fullest tonight !





SIM 1 Toastmasters Club – 30th Anniversary Dinner!

In November 2014, SIM 1 Toastmasters Club turns 30 years old! SIM 1 TMC is the 4th oldest toastmasters club in Singapore, and having the many years of experience in bettering our speaking, listening and leadership skill, it is time to celebrate this occasion!

On November 2014, our club celebrated the 30th birthday and together, we see past and present toastmasters from all over Singapore and also from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, from both English speaking and Mandarin speaking clubs, nearly 300 people came and had a fun-filled evening!

With good food and even better company, and enjoyed shows and performances by singers and dancers.

The day ended with lucky draw with great prizes and many went home happy with their newly won gifts.

Let’s us all come together again 5 years later for the 35th Anniversary show!

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 19 December 2014

The last chapter meeting of 2014 was filled with fun, food and fellowship! It was none other then the Christmas meeting. Members were treated to good food, like turkey and cakes, and also fun and games. Let’s end 2014 with a bang and welcome 2015 with open arms!

President’s Opening Address

Good evening, Division B Governor, ACB, ALS Yap Boon Liang, fellow Toastmasters and guests.

Tonight my message is about how “all things are possible to those who believe”.

Many members especially those who do not drive, have requested repeatedly for our Chapter meetings to be held in the city,. Your wish has now been granted. Thank you for your patience. For the rest of this term, wef January, we will hold the 1st Chapter Meeting (=2nd Friday of the month) in NTUC Center, Raffles Place, subject to availability. The 2nd Chapter Meeting (=4th Friday) with be here, in SIM.

For both meetings, we will start at 7.15pm, end at 10pm. Extension beyond 10pm in NTUC Center is not possible. That means, all of us have to intentionally adjust and adapt to this change. It may be a challenge for some of us, but if we believe that we can, we can !!

Let me share with you the challenge to fill up the club kitty which was at a historical low when the term started on 1 July this year.

In my first 6 months as President, I had members threatening to resign, refusing to take up appointments and deliver speeches – all because our meetings were not in town.

I was at a loss and so, I submitted all these issues to my divine boss. He is my best teacher and counsellor. I was led to ask some members to intercede with me for the club, specifically that 1) He will bring many, many members & guests to the Chapter Meetings 2) He will bring many many participants to our workshops. When we submitted humbly to Him, blessings came down from heaven. Blessings came in the form of many members and guests, and many participants for the workshops. That is how the heavens filled up our kitty. That is why we can move to NTUC Center for one meeting next year.

Whenever I felt discouraged, disheartened and distressed, my divine boss would remind me to be faithful and to be united. He knew when to send me helpers. Today I want to acknowledge and thank my divine boss and the numerous members who were by my side when I was in distressed. Members, you know who you are. I will never forget you.

Tonight I celebrate Christmas and rejoice because Jesus was born. I believe that with Him, all things are possible. He placed me here for a purpose. I will do my best to organise it such that we can have 2 meetings in town, because I believe that He will provide, immeasurably more that we can imagine. All you and I have to do is to be united, faithfully attend meetings and help others. Very easy !!

In conclusion, all things are possible to those who believe. Let’s start believing that we will be President Distinguished Club this term and we can meet in NTUC Center two times a month !!

30th Anniversary Celebrations: Toastmasters Idol Audition round!

Toastmasters Idol: the Audition

As we all know, SIM1 Toastmasters club is celebrating the 30th Anniversary this year! And as part of the celebration, we have singing competition – “Toastmasters Idol”.

The audition round was held recently and saw many participants from toastmasters clubs all over Singapore. Every singer gave their best and the top 10 were born.

They will be fighting, or rather singing, it out at the finals at 30th Anniversary dinner on 15th November 2014.

To mix things up, the 11th and 12th place singers will be there at the finals to challenge the top 10! So come on down to the 30th Anniversary dinner and witness the sing offs and support your favorite idol!

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all participants and organizers for making this event a success!

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SIM Interests Group Convention 2014

On 4th October 2014, SIM held the annual Interests Group Convention at Marina Mandarin. We have a booth there to show case what benefits toastmasters can bring, did you see our booth there? Many of our members were there to share our toastmasters experience with the guests at the venue. Hope to see you at next year’s SIM IGC!

Durian Party!

Is there any Singaporean who doesn’t like the king of fruits?

Members of SIM1 Toastmasters club gathered recently and were treated to durians and food! There were fried chicken wings, salad, president-home-made logan drinks and, of course, durians!
We were indulging in MSW and D24 and had our stomach filled with creamy, sweet and bitter king of fruits. Unquestionably, everyone went back home satisfied with a bloated belly.

Can’t wait for the next durian season!


30th Anniversary Celebration in 2014 – JOIN US on 19 September and 15 November

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,

SIM 1 Toastmasters Club turns 30 this year!

We will be celebrating our club’s 30th Anniversary on 15th Nov 2014 and would like to invite you to join us on this joyous occasion.

There will be fun, food and fellowship. In addition, there will be a singing competition – “Toastmasters Idol”, with attractive cash prizes to be won!

Toastmasters Idol
Do you wish that you could do more than public speaking on stage?
If you can sing, if you have the Voice, WE WANT YOU!

Date of Audition  : 19 September 2014, Friday
Time                      : 7pm
Venue                   : SIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue
Registration Fee : $15 (individual); $40 (group)
Closing date for registration : 1 September 2014
Final                      : SIM 1 TM 30th Anniversary dinner

Attractive prizes to be won!
1st Prize $500 cash
2nd Prize $300 cash
3rd Prize $150 cash

*Both English and Mandarin songs are welcome.

For further enquiries or to register, please contact:
Vera Chia, (; mobile: 9660 9378)
Weixian Xie, (; mobile: 9125 9520)
Swee Yah Wong, (; mobile: 9660 1680)


SIM 1 Toastmasters Club’s 30th Anniversary Celebration
Dress up to the nines and arrive in grandeur as you are greeted by music , a pre-dinner cocktail reception and photo taking. Sample authentic cuisine by Chefs and enjoy spectacular performances by Toastmasters Idols. End the evening with sweet treats and win prizes for the Best Dressed and in the lucky draw.

Date             : 15 November 2014, Saturday
Time             : 6.30pm Cocktail starts
Venue          : Fond Garden Restaurant @Kallang Theatre
Ticket price : $60/pax

What to expect:
• Networking with fellow toastmasters and friends
• Fun and entertaining programs
• Win attractive Lucky draw prizes
• Best dressed contest
• Photographs for momento

So why wait? Join us now to support and participate in this memorable event!

For ticket purchase, please contact:
Wilson Ong (; mobile: 9780 5477)
Jasmine Toh (; mobile: 9030 2198)


Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest 2014

On 15th August 2014, SIM I Toastmasters Club had the Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation (HSSE) contest. Members and guests were treated to entertaining and humorous speeches from the contestants. After that, it was the time for the contestants in the Evaluation Contest to shine with their feedback on the Test Speaker.

President Opening Address – Be Thankful Always !

Fabulous Friday, Division B Governor, Fellow Toastmasters and Honourable Guests. I am very happy you are here tonight to participate and witness the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. It is a pleasure to serve all of you.I want to share with you an event I came across last week, about Being Thankful Always.

One day, a family sat down for dinner. The father askeed his 5year old son to give thanks for the food. The little boy looked round the table, saw the eyes of all family members closed, and scanned the food displayed. Then he said.Lord, I don’t like the food on the table, but I thank you for it, and I will eat it anyway.This boy is very honest, and even though he didn’t like the food, he gave thanks.

For me, whether I like it or not, I had to takeover the organising of this contest from a member who did part of the job due to other commitments. I had to lead by example.But I am thankful and grateful this member managed to recruit some contestants and most of the appointment holders. I am also thankful that the contestants in particular, agreed to step out of their comfort zone, to overcome fear, humility and time to participate in these contests. They made a conscious adjustment to grow, as part of their Toastmasters’ journey.Tonight we will find out whether they are successful as the top 3 winners. We often define success by fame, popularity or fortune. But success is to be measured by the yardstick of obedience, faithfulness and loyalty.I am thankful these contestants have come forward to speak, serve and support. I wantto acknowledge them publicly for their courage and obedience tonight. Whether or not they are the top 3 winners do not matter. They are already successful in walking their talk.

We applaud them for their loyalty. Very soon, you will know who they are.Not forgetting, all the people working behind the scene tonight, a big thank you indeed.
Lastly, I am thankful I live in a country where there is no beheading, as currently experienced by the Iraqis due to the invasion by ISIS.Fellow Toastmasters and guests, what is one thing you can be thankful for tonight ?Let us make it a habit to give thanks in all circumstance every day from now onward.

Be thankful always !

Winners were as follows
Humorous Speech
Champion: Xie WeiXian
1st Runner up: N.Gunasekaran , CC, CL









Speech Evaluation
Champion: Wilson Ong, ACS, ALB
1st Runner up: Vera Chia CC, CL
2nd Runner up: Ong Chuan Aik, DTM








The Champion and the 1st Runner up, will represent SIM I Toastmasters Club for Area B1, B2 and B6 HSSE Contest, on 6th September 2014.

Congratulations to all winners and contestants and let us be there to support our contestants on 6th September 2014!

Venue: Lifelong Learning Institute, 11 Eunos Road 8, #02-01, Singapore 408601 (Near Paya Lebar MRT station)
Date: 6th September 2014, Saturday
Time: 1 – 6pm


See you there on 6 September !

Workshop: You Are Judged By Your English

Workshop: You Are Judged By Your English – 13th August 2011


Bad English is with us everywhere, in our speech, in our correspondence, in business and in the mass media. Many users of English have only a rough idea of the rules of grammar and use English poorly or carelessly.


This workshop conducted by Club President Patricia Lim, ATM-B, ALS looked at some common errors and helped participants understand and identify flaws in their own grammar and take proactive steps to improve their spoken English.