Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 22 May 2015

On 22nd May 2015, SIM1 Toastmasters club had the annual AGM. One of the things discussed were the election of the new executive committee. The new exco team have been elected and will be installed on 26th June 2015. Cheers to all of them and may good luck always be with them!

President’s Opening Address

Good evening, fellow Toastmasters.

The dictionary defines a faithful person as one who is loyal and steadfast. My message is about being “loyal and steadfast” in the little.

Exactly one year ago on 23/5, I stood here to accept the post of a President. The start was demanding and daunting. There were many tasks to handle eg preparing for the 30th anniversary celebrations, ramping up workshops to fill up the club coffers, looking for venues that suit our budget. Some tasks were small, some were big.

The EXCO and all of you helped out – in Chapter Meetings, anniversary celebrations, workshops, bringing guests and clearing up the room after Chapter Meetings, etc. Each of us did our best to work together and faithfully did our little bit.

It is now close to the end of the term. Today, we are going to elect a new EXCO. My term is nearly over phew!! I want to applaud and thank you all for your faithful support and service.

Without striving too much, the little that we did faithfully together amounted to quite a lot.

1. We had a successful 30th anniversary celebrations attended by almost 300 people;

2. We now have a decent amount of funds to hand over to the next EXCO;

3. Our members have won several speech and evaluation contests at area and division level. All of us have progressed in our respective toastmasters journey.

Being faithful in the little goes a long way indeed!

Now that we have tasted the fruits of our faithfulness, let us continue in our journey to be faithful people into the 31st year of this club.

Bit by bit, we will surely continue to achieve much!!

*There was no prepared speeches or table topics therefore, no winners of the day.

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 8 May 2015

President’s Opening Address

Today my message is about “Being” versus “Doing”.

From all my “first time’ experiences as President of this Club, I learned that my being is more important than my doing.
When I am “Being”, I operate from my heart – being sympathetic and sincere as I carry out my tasks. The tendency is to focus on others’ needs and emotions.
When I am in my “Doing” mode, I tend to just carrying out tasks without thinking how it will impact others emotionally. My aim in this mode is to complete the job, to achieve tangible results, without considering the feelings of others, too much.

To illustrate, here are some of my stories:
For the 1st time since I joined Toastmasters, I attended all activities concerning our members beyond our chapter meetings eg TM Idol Audition, contests, workshops, pot luck dinners, durian gathering, suppers, wakes and hospital visits of our members’ loved ones. Everywhere members went, I went. I learned that getting to know them is best done outside the club. It is about getting to know them – to be in a relationship. It is about being with them when they need you most emotionally. It is about caring for them when need arise.

For the 1st time, I embraced a key leadership role in this club. I learnt to cultivate patience, lend a listening ear and embraced difficult situations. I learnt it is about meeting their needs, not mine. What is it that makes them tick.

For the 1st time, I represented the club to attend the SIM 50th anniversary, visit other clubs to entice them to join us in our 30th anniversary celebrations and establish rapport with participants of our workshops to encourage them to attend our Chapter Meetings – as these are potential members. I am an introvert who prefers to stay at home. But I when I stepped out to embrace such opportunities like treasures, I learnt that being with others is important than doing. Workshops were organized to grow our business and generate revenue. But if we focus on results only, how do we lure potential members to join us if there is no relationship? That is why, I have been encouraging all of you to attend the workshops, to befriend the participants. It is only when people know that we care, that they will want to join us.

What were some of your “first time” experiences like?

Some of you like Patricia ATM-B, ALS and Dexter ACB, presented a speech and then provided an evaluation for other speakers in the same Chapter Meeting for the 1st time. Some of you became language evaluator. Language evaluation is a task that many members shun like leprosy, but Kim Guan ACB, CL did not. Even our new member, Chin Sing, plucked up his courage to be Language Evaluator in recent weeks and also today.

Some of us organized social activities and in the midst of it, felt discouraged & disheartened because of some problems cropped up. But Wei Xian who organized bowling persevered and made it materialized. It was very successful, well attended and enjoyable.

I know that some of you recognized the support I needed to organize each Chapter Meeting and agreed to double up your appointments. Thank you all very much for your care and support for me. You have made a big difference in my life. This year has made us friends for life!

Going forward, let us all make it a point to put “Being” before our “Doing”, serve each other with an excellent spirit (noting that this is more an attitude than a skill) and focus on a making difference in the lives of people in our Toastmasters Club and community at large.

Best Prepared Speech: Glen Jiang

Best Evaluator: Chong Tian Choy

Best Table Topics: Oon Tik Lee and Xie WeiXian

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 24 April 2015

President’s Opening Address – Making A Difference

Good evening, fellow Toastmasters and guests. Today my message is about making a difference in peoples’ lives, without even knowing it – in short, it is about placing people first – other centeredness.

During the week of 23 March 2015, Singaporeans were mourning the death of their founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I was amazed many Singaporeans spent 7-8 hours queuing up at the Parliament House to pay their respects. I salute them. They were selfless, unwavering and kind, lining up patiently in the hot sun without complaining. Many expressed their appreciation for his visionary, people centred leadership. Some were in tears and many expressed their sorrow and sadness via written notes and flowers, placed in several centres throughout Singapore.

On Friday that week, I was prompted to pay my respects to Mr Lee at the Kembangan Community Centre. I didn’t understand why but I obeyed the prompting in my spirit. The atmosphere in the community centre was solemn and sombre. There were no queues. After lingering around and reading some of the messages written by people from all walks of life, I headed straight to write the condolence book.

It was at that moment, that I understood why I had to pay my tribute to Mr Lee. This is what I wrote.

Thank you Mr Lee, for building Singapore into a successful nation. You achieved so much success that the blessings overflowed to the neighbouring countries. I am one of the many beneficiaries of your nation building. Because of your vision, sweat and toil for this country, I have an opportunity to work and live here – to contribute, grow and prosper in your country, for which I am most grateful. Thank you, for blessing not only me, but the numerous Malaysians who reside here.

There are 2 points I wish to highlight.
1. the late Mr Lee will never know that he has made a difference to my life.
2. he operated based on people centeredness – selfless and unselfish.

When we serve in charitable organisation, condominiums and clubs, we will never discover how others have benefitted from our voluntary service. Those taking up appointments in our Chapter Meetings will not realise how valuable their contribution has been to the club members and guests. At times, they may not even know whose Toastmasters’ journey, life or career, they have made a difference. Thank you members, for obliging whenever I called you to help out in our Chapter Meetings. I am most grateful and thankful for your big and willing hearts.

When we put ourselves first in serving and expect to gain recognition and praise, we will be disheartened, discouraged and disappointed, when we don’t receive any acknowledgement. Therefore, never put your hopes in man. Instead, be people centred, ie focus to help them meet their needs. This way, you will make a difference in peoples’ lives you may never know.

In fact, we do not need to know that we have made a difference. That is not important. What is important, is that peoples’ lives have changed for the better. For sure, they will remember you forever !

In conclusion, when you serve, do it heartily, knowing that someone’s life will be changed because of your love and care. You do not know whose life you have made a difference until the person tells you – IF they tell you. Otherwise, only that person whose life has changed will know, like me. But Mr Lee will never know, and I will never forget him !

Come, Toastmasters and guests, let’s make a difference in other peoples’ lives by focusing on them !

Best Table Topic: Nil 

Best speaker: Patricia Lim

Best evaluator: Patricia Lim 

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 10 April 2015

President’s Opening Address

Good evening Fellow toastmasters & guests, welcome to the 1st Joint Meeting between SIM 1 TMC and WDA TMC – an inaugural joint meeting in Area B6. The joint meeting idea was mooted a few months ago during the club officers’ meeting because we wanted to pool our talents and resources to create synergy and support for one another.

Hence, my message today is to encourage all of you to see yourselves as people of talent, no matter how small your roles may be. You are valued and important. Let each one of us just do our best to work together with a common vision, and carry out our assigned tasks with excellence – keeping in mind that excellence is not a skill, but an attitude.

WDA, a 2.5years old TMC was delighted to provide the hardware ie this spacious boardroom in a central location easily accessible by public transport. Their strong muscles delivered the healthy organic food from Marina Link for our refreshments this evening. Let’s give them a round of applause.
SIM 1 TMC, a 30years old club happily provided the software ie bringing along experienced project evaluators, language and general evaluators.

And so we support one another, by drawing on each one’s strengths and talents whilst doing what each is best at. Thumbs up for my club members, who have stayed united and faithful and ever willing to step up and step out whenever required. Let’s give them a round of applause. Indeed this is a win win situation for both clubs.
For WDA TMC which is still in their formative years, their speakers benefit from the evaluation of the extremely experienced evaluators from SIM 1 TMC. SIM 1 TMC enjoys the benefit of having our meeting in town, instead of at SIM Namly avenue. Thank you WDA for your generosity. We will gladly share our best practices with you. It is a privilege for us to support and serve you at this time of your history.

When the members of WDA TMC and SIM 1 TMC come together, we become one body. When we work in unity, in one spirit with the same vision, we will become one community, one toastmaster.
It does not matter how many special talents each of us have, whether a few or many. We are all born with different skill sets. However, no matter how small your part may be, as long as you are able and willing to participate with an excellent attitude, you will make a difference that will be felt by all.

In conclusion, do remember we are all created uniquely. Every appointment holder and participant is important and greatly valued.
This evening, on behalf of SIM 1 TMC, I want to acknowledge and thank WDA TMC for their big heart, for being a blessing to my members. I wish you success and excellence, with many more years to come. May you continue to persevere and progress year on year !

Let me leave this quote from Stevie Wonder, with all of you.
We all have the ability, the difference is how we use it.

 Best table topics speaker: Honey (Guest)

 Best speaker: Nil* 

 Best evaluator: Nil*

*As there are only 2 prepared speech speakers and 2 evaluators, there is no voting


Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 13 March 2015

President’s Opening Address

Good evening, Fellow Toastmasters and guests, welcome to our meeting again !

My message tonight is about how we can do anything we want to, if we stick to it long enough. The key to this is unity in love. Not the Hollywood kind of love, but the kind that binds community together. The meaning of love is really “other-centredness”. (I’m centred on you and you’re centred on me.)

Today, the world is facing an ISIS threat. ISIS is a highly fanatical, seemingly powerful, effective and very extreme jihadi group. Today, it controls almost half of Iraq and Syria. The group kills Muslims, Christians and anyone who does not agree with them.

ISIS could capture Iraq and Syria because there were civil wars in these countries. Due to division and disunity, the leadership weakened considerably. In addition both countries have rich oil reserves. Hence they were vulnerable to attack by external forces, who wanted to lay their hands on the oil reserves.

Unity in love is powerful because it binds people together in a positive and affirming way. When each one of us seeks to understand the other, and looks out for the best interest of the other, community becomes strong in a very good way.

Unity in love is critical in any country, family and relationship. Division (that is, when we look out for our own interests without being concerned for anyone else), causes disunity, discontentment and disagreement.

If Iraq and Syria were united nations, they would have been able to defend themselves against ISIS. ISIS would have not flourish.

Unity in love is not something we can acquire overnight. It is a cultural value that needs to be instilled. And, we need to stick to it long enough to make it happen.

In fact, we can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.

In one of the American banks where I worked, everyone was “forced” to work together as a team. To get a good bonus, every employee had to comply. The appraisal system was such that every employee was evaluated by his colleagues. These colleagues were nominated by the employee but with the agreement of his boss. This way, there is little opportunity for the boss to be biased in his appraisal. In addition, even people who had not been invited to appraise me, could still provide an unsolicited appraisal to my boss if they felt compelled to do so. This would have been done without my knowledge. As such, employees were “forced” to be helpful and united. The team work was excellent in that bank ! Everyone co-operated and tried their VERY best to help each other. This can only be achieved if we are all united and aligned with the same purpose. Because we were united, it “forced” us to love each other, and this “force” became natural over time… as we grew to really love each other!

When I left the bank, I brought along this culture everywhere I went. That is why unity in love (other-centredness) are values that I, as President, aspire to leave behind as a legacy for this club.

This term, we had several meetings in SIM Management house due to limited resources. EXCO recognizes that SIM Management house is not convenient for those who do not drive. Because we all stuck together, attending meetings faithfully regardless of the venue, today our membership has grown by 18% since the beginning of this term. From today onwards, we will have at least one meeting in a central location. It is because of the unity in love of all the members who continued to rise up to serve each other and members-to-be, that this is possible.

To conclude, unity in love (that is other centredness) is an excellent culture and value for the club, your family and country. I am confident, with unity in love, little by little, we can achieve more. We can do anything we want to, if we stick to it long enough, with unity in love.

Best table topics speaker: Trinicia Tan.

Best speaker: Tan Lay Li. 

Best evaluator: Oon Tik Lee. 

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 27 February 2015 – Chinese New Year meeting

Happy Lunar new year to all! Last chapter meeting was the Chinese new year themed meeting for SIM 1 Toastmasters club. Apart from prepared speeches, we also have games and Lou Hei to bring in the prosperous goat year! Did you enjoy your Chinese new year holidays? 

President’s Opening Address

Gong Xi Fatt Choy! This means “Congratulations (in advance), for the prosperity that awaits you in the year ahead!”

Wan shi ru yi ! – “May everything go your way”!

Tonight the title of my speech is “Traditions Need Rethinking” because I want us to think about parts of our Chinese traditions that need recalibration. I will talk about values in our traditions vs values that are truly important and valuable to us.

Since Chinese New Year, I have been pondering over the tradition of tossing the prosperity salad. I love to eat this salad not because I enjoy the tossing but I just love the healthy & delicious ingredients.

If you evaluate the ingredients in the prosperity salad, you will notice that every item signifies wealth, prosperity and abundance in some form. Let’s go through some of the most significant ingredients eg fish, pepper & cinnamon, oil and crackers.

Firstly, the fish symbolises abundance throughout the year so much so that there is excess.

Secondly, pepper & cinnamon dashed over the ingredients represents the hope of even more money and valuables.

Thirdly, oil is poured out in a circling motion to signify the desire for profits to increase 10,000 fold and for money to flow in from all directions.

Lastly, the crispy crackers in the shape of golden pillows are added to wish that everyone’s floor will be littered with gold.

The salad is tossed with chopsticks and with an action is called loh hei. This means “to rise”, a reference to thriving businesses, thus its popularity with businessmen during the new year.

The higher the toss, the better !

Does tossing the salad with all these ingredients really mean what it says and has it ever come true for you? Or is this just a commercial gimmick that preys on our insatiable desire for wealth? Is this desire founded on an unspoken fear of lack or greed? This question is especially relevant for those of us who already have everything we need.

Personally, I think it is the fear of lack. Because everything points to self interest and prosperity. Such fear signifies insecurity. We all think money can buy us security. But that is not true. People with lots of money are still not secure nor content. Money also cannot buy true love or real relationships that last forever.

Therefore, we need to calibrate our thinking around what is truly important and valuable. Love, peace, joy and unity in all relationships, especially the restoration of relationships in families and marriages are important values. Chinese New Year should be celebrated with these values in mind because, after all, it is a season of reunion and bonding.

Tonight when we toss the salad, I want to encourage you to do a re-think. Consider what is important to you – is it wealth, abundance and profits OR is it love, joy, peace, unity and restoration of relationships in your family that you want to celebrate and treasure ?

For our club, we want to celebrate is faithfulness and unity. When we are faithful and united, we will enjoy peace and love. These values are important and will help us improve and progress in our Toastmaster’s journey. Our journey is about helping and motivating each other move forward in our communication and leadership skills.

Remember, the vision this year is to leave a legacy of faithfulness and unity. We must anchor on this in order to progress and improve year on year. These values including peace, love and joy, will help move us all forward in life. When all these forces are in place, wealth will flow in naturally.

In conclusion, let’s all re-think parts of our Chinese traditions and recalibrate our thinking, around what is truly important and valuable in our lives.

Best table topics speaker: Nil.

Best speaker: Patricia Lim. 

Best evaluator: Chong Tian Choy. 

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 6 February 2015

On 6th February, SIM 1 Toastmasters club held the annual International Speech and Table Topics contest. Members took part in both contest and winners emerged that day. Announcements were made earlier (Link here) and two winners for each contest will  represent our club to compete in Area B6 contest held on 21st March 2015, 1:30 pm. Saturday, at One Marina Boulevard, NTUC Building, Level 18 Boardroom.

President’s Opening Address

My message today is about how “All things work together for good”.

Tonight, we have a club contest, and the Champion and 1st runner up will represent our club at the Area level.

We have a number of participants and a very supportive team working together to ensure the contest runs smoothly. Many thanks to the excellent work of the Organising Chair cum Toastmaster of the Evening, ACB Dexter Toh as well as to the various appointment holders who have volunteered to take on multiple tasks. Let’s give all of them a round of applause.

Thank you all for your participation this evening. I am deeply grateful for your support.

When I took part in the Table Topics contest in 2009, I participated just for the experience. I never thought of winning because my focus was on the fun & experience. To my surprise, I was 2nd runner up. However, because the Champion had informed the Organising Chair in advance that in the event he wins he will not want to represent the club, I became quite concerned that I, a novice, became eligible as a consequence of it.

The club member who gave me a ride home that evening, strongly encouraged me to participate in the Area Contest. He advised me that it would be an entirely different yet valuable experience that money cannot buy. I will only understand once I am in it. He said that my mindset, perspective and experience set will change and it will raise me up to a higher level in my Toastmaster’s journey. He was enthusiastic and encouraging. I was convinced and became excited at the golden opportunity before me!

Fortunately for me, a Club member approached me and helped me prepare for the Contest. She gave me a list of topics to speak on, one after another. Every 2 minutes, I changed topic and just spoke, and spoke, and spoke. I felt like I was in a pressure cooker.

At the Area Contest, I did not start out aiming to win. But just before the contest started, my eyes were directed to the trophy table. I focused on the largest and tallest trophy there and told myself – that will be mine ! Indeed, it became mine, I was the Champion !!

Since I won the Area Contest, I had to represent the Area at Division level. Oh no, I said to myself, more stress with yet another step to climb.

On the day of the Division Contest, I was super stressed and extremely nervous. In the holding room, I discovered that all the participants were seasoned contestants, except me. I didn’t know anyone, but I could read the message on their faces: “Who is this miss nobody who thinks she can win?” It did not bother me because I did not think I was a threat to them.

I remembered praying intensely to my God for help. And help me He did ! My opening sentence took the audience by surprise and there were wows and ahs as I continued with my speech. That day I was 1st runner up. I was satisfied.

I was full. I had done my best. I was glad I could go home with another trophy for my piano top. My club was proud of me. No one could have asked for more !!

Dear fellow Toastmasters and guests, can you see how all things worked together for good?
The fact that our club Champion declined to contest at Area level turned out to be a bonus because it propelled me into an altogether enriching experience and rewarded me with 2 trophies.

My dear club members, if you have not signed up for the Table Topics contest tonight, it is still not too late. Come and join in the fun and excitement. The more the merrier! Who knows, you may be the Champion !! Think of how good the trophies will look in your home and please, see the Organising Chair immediately after the break !

International Speech Contest:
Champion: Xie WeiXian
1st runner up: Tan Chin Sing
2nd runner up: Glen Jiang

Table Topics Contest:
Champion: Glen Jiang
1st runner up: Xie WeiXian
2nd runner up: Tan Chin Sing

Well done guys! The 3 of them will take part in the coming Area B6 contest.

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The Champions have emerged! (ISTT contest)

The champions have emerge once again from SIM1 Toastmasters club! The club contest was held last week and saw 13 contestants talking part in both International speech contest and Table Topics contest.

It was an well fought contest and members were treated to different types of styles, from the salesman to the humorous speaker, and from experienced veteran to passionate new members. Each held their own and spoke their best.

Finally, the winners were born. Here are the results.

International Speech Contest:
Champion: Xie WeiXian
1st runner up: Tan Chin Sing
2nd runner up: Glen Jiang

Table Topics Contest:
Champion: Glen Jiang
1st runner up: Xie WeiXian
2nd runner up: Tan Chin Sing

Well done guys! The 3 of them will take part in the coming Area B6 contest.

Details as follows:
Date & Time: 21st March 2015, 1:30 pm. Saturday.
Venue: One Marina Boulevard, NTUC Building, Level 18 Boardroom

Come on down and support our 3 knights in shinning armor. Cya there!

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 23 January 2015

President’s Opening Address

Today my message is about how to be a mountain mover and walk into victory.

Have you ever been burdened and battered? Perhaps you are over worked & underpaid, or you are super stressed in your ever demanding job, or you lack energy and ideas to manage your rebellious kids, or you are struggling to salvage your marriage, or you are the sole breadwinner struggling to make ends meet. Everything is overwhelming and overboard. You are burdened and broken because these mountains are huge immovable blockages.

The truth is the mountain you face is your mindset. The mountain you face is the dark side, when the “enemy” resides. For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

The good news is that there is hope. Because we forget that there is the other side of the mountain which exists, where it is wonderful & miraculous. It is this side of the mountain we all want to be, where victory prevails. But victory cannot take place if you do not get out of the dark side of the mountain.

To get out of the dark side, firstly, don’t talk about the mountain. Secondly, recognise that your own mind is the real battlefield.

For example, the mountain I faced recently is my health. I had been coughing for 2 weeks and it is very irritating. This week, with God’s help, instead on focussing on the negatives about the cough, I have been focussing my thinking pattern on how I am getting well and thinking about how good health returning to me. As I began to do this, I began to sleep right through the night and I am in fact, getting better everyday.

Here’s another example. Before I bought my house, I had a set of criteria. One of them was that the laundry area should be sheltered and in a sunny area. When it rains, I do not have to run out to collect my clothes. At times, I felt it would be impossible to meet this criteria. But I was very determined to find such a place, and had it in my mind. And that is exactly what I have in my home today. It helps tremendously to be clear about what you want, and to keep it in your mind and desire it in your heart till it materializes.

Fellow Toastmasters, tonight I want to enlist you in an army. I need your help to fight a battle which affects everyone of us in this room. I want us all to desire, with one heart, success for our workshop on 31 January. Let’s agree to desire that many participants will sign up and many will also be interested to join our club. Let’s agree to unite our hearts in this goal, because where our hearts are, so goes the rest of us. We will walk the talk.

In summary, our mountains are rooted in our mindset and not the problems in our jobs or relationships. Remember to align your thoughts and desires with the results you want to see, and your actions will surely follow along.

Now, turn to your neighbour and say with conviction, energy and sincerity – I am a mountain mover, and give him a high five!

Best table topics speaker: Dr. Foo Say Wei.

Best speaker: Tan Chin Sing. 

Best evaluator: Dexter Toh. 

Next Chapter meeting is our club’s International Speech and Table Topics contest on 6th Feb 2015. Be sure to catch the contest where our members pitch their skills against each other!

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 9 January 2015

President’s Opening Address

2015 has arrived! I wish you all success, abundance and joy in every area of your life!

Life is full of beginnings. Today we begin a new page for SIM I TMC, a new beginning – the theme for tonight. What does it mean for our club?

It means that we are in our 31st year in the Toastmasters movement. We start the year by giving thanks for the rich history of the club, continually being represented by success, faithfulness and passion of the members.

A thankful heart is a grateful heart. When we are grateful, we open our hearts to put on love, to serve and help others. That is what Toastmasters is all about.

To grow thankfulness in this new beginning, we need to first take an inventory of what we have, including relationships, memories, abilities, family and material possessions.

Let me share with you 4 items in my thankfulness inventory:

1. Thank you members, for bringing guests tonight. Keep them coming because we have plenty of good things to share with them. In due time, both you and the guests will reap a harvest.

2. Fond memories of my 3 generation family of 25 people in the first family vacation in Phuket, with ages ranging from 4-81years old. The Gan nephews in their early 20s and the Ng aunties, more that 2X their age competed in 3 games of table tennis, with lots of cheer and laughter – memorable moments we all brought home.

3. Once a fortnight, I host a small group for Bible study in my home. My purpose is to bless others with whatever possessions I have, which I am thankful for.

4. Leading this club, despite trying times. This has been an experience money cannot buy, and an experience not to be missed! I am thankful I can maximise my talents to serve and support everyone in this club, together with my EXCO team. It is another milestone in my life!

When we list our inventory of thankfulness, we realise that we are not poor. We are richer than we think !

If we choose (1) to think the right thoughts, (2) do not give up, and (3) use what we have, in due time we will reap a harvest. Thoughts are powerful because they are the source of life, hope and creativity. Wrong thoughts and thoughts of giving up hand our victory over to the enemy, fear.

In any assignment, especially the challenging ones, we have to allow to slowly unfold, little by little, patiently.

Let’s do our best and work humbly with others. Allow nature to take its course.

In the process, we will find joy and bring joy to others.

Let’s aim to be a positive force to our communities !

Fellow Toastmasters, in this new beginning, let’s remember to write down our inventory of thankfulness, choose the right thoughts and use whatever we have to be a positive force in our community. In due time, we will surely reap a bountiful and beautiful harvest !! 

Best table topics speaker: Tan Chin Sing.

Best speaker: Tan Chin Sing. 

Best evaluator: Wilson Ong, ACS, ALB.