Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 09 May 2014

Recently there were some very interesting articles published, on how infusing new blood into old mice recharged them, boosted their brainpower, and also repaired age-related damage in the brains and muscles of the old mice.  The old mice were restored to a more youthful state, due to a protein called GFD11 present in the blood of the young mice.

This certainly spells hope for those seeking the elixir of youth!

In any case, our body is constantly making new blood everyday.  When it stops doing so, or does not do it efficiently anymore, it is a sure sign of aging or ill health.

The health of our club is very much like the health of our body too.

Fellow members, would you like our club to be strong, healthy and vibrant?  If yes, there are 2 things needed:

  1. We need to constantly renew ourselves in Toastmasters.  What does this mean?  It simply means, you need to be active in doing your speech projects and taking up meeting roles

When we deliver our projects, we are renewing our knowledge, our presentation skills. In the process, your audience – that is, your fellow members and guests, learn from you, and sometimes get rejuvenated too.

Do you share this experience in some of the very good meetings we have had?

When you take on a meeting role, and deliver it with gusto, you inject energy into the meeting and witness how the audience have enjoyed the evening – the hallmark of a vibrant and successful meeting. Again, have you had this experience too?

So, my fellow members, constantly renew yourself in Toastmasters.  This idea can be extended to your work, to your personal life as well – constantly renew yourself so that you will feel alive and not stagnant!

  1. We need to step up our efforts to recruit new blood, young blood so that our club will remain healthy and vibrant.

This is a no-brainer.  In order that our club can continue to grow strong and healthy, we need new blood, young blood.   I do hope and urge members to help and bring in new members.

In November this year, our club will be celebrating our 30th anniversary.  It is a great milestone for our club.  We were one of the first few Toastmasters clubs that started in Singapore 30 years ago, and we have many members who have been with the club for 10, 20 or even 30 years!

Would you like SIM I Toastmasters to be known as an established club, or an old club?  If you want our club to be young and vibrant, always – I am sure you know what’s needed.

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 25 April 2014

In the past 2 months, we have had news of a commercial airplane carrying over 200 passengers that went missing, and a ferry carrying over 400 passengers that capsized.  Both disasters have brought gloom and heartache to those whose loved ones were on board.  May we pray for positive news for the missing plane, and peace and solace for those impacted.

When a disaster as such strikes, it could be really hard to accept the fact that one’s loved ones are gone at an instant.  It is a blessing indeed, to be able to cherish our family and friends around us, and appreciate their presence, all the time.  Have you cherished your family and friends today?

We will be holding SIM I’s 30th anniversary celebration on 15 November evening – please save the date now!  More details will be unveiled soon.

Our next Chapter Meeting on 9 May, this Friday, at SMU – School of Accountancy is our second joint meeting with Joo Chiat Cultural Toastmasters Club.

See you then.

Best speaker: Vera Chia

Best evaluator: Oon Tik Lee

Best table topics: Chong Thian Choy

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 11 April 2014

In our society, where achievements are valued and sought after, how do we fare in terms of graciousness?

In a recent article in the press, a lady mentioned how she had looked forward to working and living in Singapore but an experience on the train led her to think otherwise. The incident happened on her way home during peak hours. She was in her early stage of pregnancy and was feeling terribly nauseous. She squatted at a corner. Throughout the journey, no one had offered her a seat or went up to ask how she was feeling.

If you see someone in need, would you offer help or a word of comfort without hesitation? Would you like to live in a society that is more gracious and caring? If so, then it has to start with us, and the spirit will definitely catch on.

Many years ago, when Singapore ran the courtesy campaign, it says, ‘Let courtesy begin with me’. Likewise, if we want a gracious society, we have to ‘Let graciousness begin with me too!’.

Best Table Topics: Christopher Foo

Best prepared speech: Kim Guan

Best evaluator: Christopher Foo

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 28 March 2014

The last joint Chapter Meeting with Joo Chiat Cultural Toastmasters Club on 14 March was a well –attended meeting.  Kudos to our Vice President – Education for making the joint Chapter meeting possible.


Our member, Patricia Lim ATM-B ALS has helped the club conduct a workshop on ‘Pronunciation Made Easy’ workshop on 15 March.  The workshop was a success.  On behalf of the club, I would like to thank Patricia for her contribution, and also to Kim Toh AL for her support by sending participants to this workshop.


3 of our club’s members, Wilson Ong ACB ALB, Neo Kim Guan, ACB CL, and myself took part in the Area B3 International Speech and Table Topics Contest held on 22 March 2014.


Wilson emerged second runner up in the Table Topics Contest.  It was Kim Guan’s first attempt at an area level contest after several tries at the club level contest.  Well done Wilson and Kim Guan!


I am pleased to announce that I have emerged champion amongst 4 contestants, and will be representing our club at the Division B International Speech Contest on 22 April.


The next Chapter Meeting this Friday is an evening not to be missed – it offers 2 workshops in an evening.  Please invite your friends/colleagues along:

1)      A talk by our invited speaker – Jimmy Hoon from MindChamps on “Discover the Champion in you”

2)      A mini Table Topics workshop by our Vice President and also trainer of ‘Think on your Feet’ programme – Oon Tik Lee ACB, CL


Patricia Lum DTM, the Revitalized Education Program Ambassador assigned to our club, will also be at the meeting to introduce to members the Revitalized Education Programme by Toastmasters International , which will be rolled out in the later part of 2014 and also answer any queries on the program as well as to collect feedback on the new program.


I look forward to seeing you at the next Chapter Meeting this Friday, 28 March  at SIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue.



Best speaker: nil

Best evaluator: nil

Best table topics speaker: Ted Chan (visiting toastmaster from Joo Chiat Cultural TMC)

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 28 February 2014

President’s message
A big thanks to Organising Chair – Ong Chuan Aik, DTM, members, fellow toastmasters and friends for your continual support, participation and presence in making the last club contest a success.

I look forward to seeing you at our next Chapter Meeting on 14 March at SMU – School of Accountancy.  It is the club’s first ever joint chapter meeting with Joo Chiat Cultural Toastmasters Club.  By combining a chapter meeting, we hope to introduce diversity as well as new toastmaster friends to all.

It is also an open house that evening – do bring along your friends/colleagues/family for that Toastmasters experience.  Guest fees are waived for this evening.
At the second Chapter Meeting this month, on 28 March at SIM Management House, we have invited Jimmy Hoon of MindChamps to give us a one-hour talk on “Discover the Champion in you at your workplace”.  Members attend complimentary and usual guest fees will apply for non-members.  Do extend invitation to your friends who will benefit from this talk. Kindly refer to the post on workshops to find out more.


Congratulations to the following Toastmasters:
International Speech Contest:
Champion: Vera Chia
1st runner up: Michael Ng

Table Topics Contest:
Champion: Wilson Ong
1st runner up: Neo Kim Guan

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 14 February 2014

President’s message

Research has revealed that, people tend to perform in accordance with the expectation of others.

That is, if you expect your subordinates or children to perform well, they are likely to live up to that expectations, especially in positive environments.

Likewise, the same logic would apply to ourselves –  if we expect ourselves to do well, we will try to fulfil that expectation.

In the infamous play, ‘Pygmalion’ or more commonly known as ‘My Fair Lady’, by George Bernard Shaw, Eliza Doolittle, the flower girl, mentioned as follows:

“I shall always be a flower girl to Professor Higgins because he always treats me as a flower girl and always will; but I know I can be a lady to you (Colonel Pickering) because you always treat me as a lady and always will.”

My fellow toastmasters and friends, set positive expectations for yourselves and those around you, and you can expect positive results!

Best Table Topics Speaker: Majmin (Guest)
Best Speaker: Stephanie Lim
Best Evaluator: Vera Chia

Please note. Change in meeting venue at next chapter meetintg.
We now meet at SMU for the first chapter meetings of the month and SIM Namly on second chapter meetings of the month.

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 24 January 2014

President’s message

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all our members and friends.
Wishing you another great year of good health, success and abundant wealth.

Last chapter meeting winners:

Best Table topics: Trinicia Tan, CC

Best Prepared Speech: Sameeksha Aher (Visiting toastmaster)

Best evaluator: Wilson Ong, ACS, ALB

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 10 January 2014

President’s message

It is the start of a new year and I am sure you would have made your new year resolutions and/or goals, be it new or being carried from last year. Whatever your goals may be, I wish for you to achieve them.

Some years back, I had the privilege to work for a self-made Singaporean multi-millionaire-businessman, at the time when he was growing the company and gradually became successful.
I once asked him what the factors were that contributed to his success. His answers were not anything new nor surprising; the hunger to succeed, perseverance, and some luck.

The passion will fire up your desire to succeed. It also needs the right attitude towards hard work, determination and perseverance to take you through the journey. And when the opportunity arises, will you move out of your comfort zone and step up to the challenge, or will you seek out the opportunities if none presents itself?

Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision passes time. Vision with action will change the world.

See you at the next chapter meeting on 24 January at SIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue.

Best table topics: Kim Toh and Trinicia Tan
Best Evaluator: Paul Lee
Best speaker: Ong Chuan Aik

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 27 December 2013

Chapter Meeting 27 December 2013

President’s Opening Address

I hope the festive season had been a fun and fulfilling one for you.

For this festive season, did you face any challenges in finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. At the meeting, I shared a story by Dave Miller, about a loving father who tried to find the perfect gifts for his children at every Christmas.  Read here for the story:

Recent research suggests that spending money on experiences leads to
more happiness than spending on material goods.   That is to say, not
only do positive experiences make you happier, but experiential gifts also make your loved ones happy too.

I certainly hope that your Toastmasters membership is a great gift you have given yourself.  And that, attending each and every Chapter meeting has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience; interactions amongst members and friends are positive.  And when we look back at the memories from time to time, it would make us smile.

Half the term has passed now.  I greatly appreciate the contribution from each and every commitment EXCO member, this term and every term, and our enthusiastic members in keeping the club lively and strong.
Your love and dedication for the club is the greatest gift for yourself
and your fellow members.

At the last Chapter meeting, our members Khairil, Wei Xian and Chuan Aik shared with us useful tips and inspiration in their project speeches. We also have friends from NTU Inspyre Club, SIM Students Club, and one all the way from Melbourne to Singapore who joined us at the meeting.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and wealthy new year!   See you at our
next chapter meeting on 10 January 2014 at SMU – School of Accountancy, Room 3.2.

Now for the winners of the Nite! We have :
Best Table Topics: Oon Tik Lee
Best Prepared Speech: Khairil Tahir
Best evaluator: Manivannan (visiting guest from Melbourne and ex-member of the club)

Opening Address for Chapter Meeting 13 December 2013

Chapter Meeting 13 December 2013

A Splendid Christmas Evening

Our joint X’mas Chapter meeting with our sister club, SIM 2 TM, on 13 December at SIM Management House at Namly Avenue was filled with fun and laughter, Gifts Exchange, Lucky Draw and Singalong X’mas Songs.

Thank you all once again for making this evening a wonderful joyous occasion!

Thanks for the committee involved:

Game Masters : Benjamin Lim, Oon Tik Lee and Michael Ng

Gifts Exchange : Vera Chia, Wilson Ong

Singalong X’mas Songs : Ng Yee Hoon

Prize Giving / Lucky Draw : Ng Yee Hoon