Congratulations to TM Yap Boon Liang on achieving the title of Distinguished Toastmaster Award

Congratulations *DTM Yap Boon Liang*
*Here are some highlights of Boon Liang’s achievements* 
1) Past Area Governor

2) Past Division B Governor 

3) Past District 80 Administration Manager 

4) Current Division B advisor 

5) Many other unknown contributions (Chief Judge, etc) to our club and District 80
Please join me to congratulate *DTM Boon Liang* for achieving the highest award a Toastmaster can achieve.

We are proud of you!!! 
It’s like an Olympic Gold medal 🏅for SIM I Toastmasters club. 



Congratulations to TM Wilson Ong for achieving the title of Distinguished Toastmaster Award

Congratulations *DTM Wilson Ong*
*Here are some highlights of Wilson’s achievements* 
1) Past Area Director

2) Past President

3) Toastmaster of the Year (club) 

4) participated in many area/district contest. 

5) Winner of several area/district contest
Once again, congratulations to DTM Wilson Ong for achieving the highest award a Toastmaster can achieve.

Upcoming workshops in November 2015 !

Workshop: Secrets to Good Communication – Enthrall, Engage and Excite your Audience

Trainer: Darren Tay
Date/Time: 7th November 2015, 2-5pm
Venue: SIM Management House @41 Namly Avenue
Register Online @


Ever wondered what it takes to capture the attention and connect with an audience? No one ever became a great leader without first becoming a great communicator. Successful leaders connect with people on an emotional level every time they speak. In this workshop, you will explore techniques for achieving the 3Es in effective communication and develop confidence and skills in public speaking.
Workshop Outline:
Learn the 7 habits of highly effective public speaker
Master powerful non-verbal communication techniques to add impact to your speech messages
Gain insights to applying effective linguistic tools (e.g. proper pronunciation and enunciation; literary devices etc.)
Darren Tay is an international champion speaker, professional trainer and best-selling author. In 2009, He founded the Public Speaking Academy, a business entity which provides premium education in effective communication to students and adults alike. Over the years, Darren has coached and spoken to over 100,000 individuals at numerous events and workshops; sharing with his participants the secrets to excel in various communication settings. Darren published his best-selling book “Express to Impress” which was sold at all major bookstores in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. He has also appeared on Mediacorp 938LIVE to share his effective communication skills and tips with the audience.

Workshop: Setting the Stage for Success with Influential Grooming

Trainer: Angeelia Phua
Date/Time: 14th November , 9am to 12 pm
Venue: SIM Management House @41 Namly Avenue
Register Online @


Did you know that it takes only three to five seconds for someone to form a first impression? Most studies show that first impressions are shaped by what is observed in those initial seconds. Dressing and appearance have become very important aspects in influencing how we are perceived in this fast-changing and competitive society that we live in. Building a professional business image helps us in fostering a positive self-image, conveying self-confidence and projecting a positive attitude that will open doors to opportunities.
Highly effective people know that their dressing and appearance can impact:
·         Their self-image (Thoughts)
·         Results of their positive self-image (Feeling Good)                           
·         Their behaviours (Influential Actions)
·         People’s acceptance (Positive Responses)

     When your style is personally authentic and appropriate for the occasions, your confidence level rises. You also feel comfortable in those situations and act productively to achieve results. Learn how to dress for success, make great first impressions and influence your audience in this workshop!

Angeelia Phua is a renowned consultant and trainer with an extensive experience in the Fashion and Image Management industries for more than 10 years. She has given trainings to all levels of people from diverse industries – from the government departments as well as the private sectors. The demand for her expertise has brought her to regional countries like Jakarta, Hong Kong, Shen Zhen and Guang Zhou. Her personal services for esteemed clients include Style & Figure Analysis, Wardrobe Planning, Customized Designing and Personal Shopping.                                  

Results of Area B6 contest!

2015-03-21 17.38.38

Last Saturday, it was SIM1 Toastmasters club’s time to shine again. We sent 3 contestants to compete in Area B6 International Speech and Table Topics contest, and guess what? We bagged 3 trophies that day!

The champions represented our club to compete against the best in Area B6, in total 4 clubs took part and more than 10 contestants shown their best.

SIM1 TMC is proud to announced that all 3 of our members, landed a placing and took home a trophy.

Here are the results:

International Speech

2nd runner up: Xie WeiXian

Table Topics

Champion: Tan Chin Sing

 2nd runner up: Glen Jiang

Chin Sing will be representing Area B6 to compete in Division B contest, let us all support him by being there to cheer him on

Division B contest details

Venue: SIM Management House

Date: 18th April 2015, Saturday

Time: 2 – 5pm

Entry is free of charge, seats are limited so do come early to grab a good spot. All the best to Chin Sing and thanks Glen and WeiXian

See you there!

Related post: The Champions have emerged! (ISTT contest)

The Champions have emerged! (ISTT contest)

The champions have emerge once again from SIM1 Toastmasters club! The club contest was held last week and saw 13 contestants talking part in both International speech contest and Table Topics contest.

It was an well fought contest and members were treated to different types of styles, from the salesman to the humorous speaker, and from experienced veteran to passionate new members. Each held their own and spoke their best.

Finally, the winners were born. Here are the results.

International Speech Contest:
Champion: Xie WeiXian
1st runner up: Tan Chin Sing
2nd runner up: Glen Jiang

Table Topics Contest:
Champion: Glen Jiang
1st runner up: Xie WeiXian
2nd runner up: Tan Chin Sing

Well done guys! The 3 of them will take part in the coming Area B6 contest.

Details as follows:
Date & Time: 21st March 2015, 1:30 pm. Saturday.
Venue: One Marina Boulevard, NTUC Building, Level 18 Boardroom

Come on down and support our 3 knights in shinning armor. Cya there!

Results of Humorous and Evaluation Contest (District 80)!


Our club member, Wilson Ong represented our club and Division B in the District 80 Mandarin Humorous speech contest held on 1 November 2014 (Saturday).

He emerged as the 1st runner-up and it’s a great result. Wilson, we are proud and happy for your achievement!

Keep up the good work and continue to fly high for coming contests!

10419551_852024674828860_20847907072278412_n  10525677_852024698162191_2551761992964629259_n10636180_852024661495528_839983422004160728_n

Results of Humorous and Evaluation Contest (Area B1, B2 and B6)!

On 6th Sep 2014, Area B1, B2 and B6 Humorous and Evaluation Contest was held at WDA lifelong learning centre and contestants from SIM 1 TMC turned up in full force! There were also many fellow club members there to show their support.

Out of the 8 possible awards from Area B6, SIM 1 TMC won 5 of them!

The winners and awards are:
English Humorous Speech: Xie WeiXian, Champion
English Evaluation: Wilson Ong, Champion
English Evaluation: Vera Chia, 1st Runner up
Mandarin Humorous Speech: Wilson Ong, Champion
Mandarin Evaluation: Wilson Ong, Champion

Congratulations to all winners and participants, You have done a great job and did SIM 1 TMC proud. Keep up the good work. You guys really made SIM 1 Toastmasters Club proud. Carry on winning in the Division B contest and keep the club’s flag flying high.

Division B Humorous and Evaluation Contest details as follows:
Venue: NTU Alumni Clubhouse, 11 Slim Barracks Rise (Off North Buona Vista Road), Singapore 138664 
Date: 11 October 2014
Time: 1 – 6pm

So mark your calendar and come support our contestants, make the place a home ground for them!



30th Anniversary Celebration in 2014 – JOIN US on 19 September and 15 November

Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,

SIM 1 Toastmasters Club turns 30 this year!

We will be celebrating our club’s 30th Anniversary on 15th Nov 2014 and would like to invite you to join us on this joyous occasion.

There will be fun, food and fellowship. In addition, there will be a singing competition – “Toastmasters Idol”, with attractive cash prizes to be won!

Toastmasters Idol
Do you wish that you could do more than public speaking on stage?
If you can sing, if you have the Voice, WE WANT YOU!

Date of Audition  : 19 September 2014, Friday
Time                      : 7pm
Venue                   : SIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue
Registration Fee : $15 (individual); $40 (group)
Closing date for registration : 1 September 2014
Final                      : SIM 1 TM 30th Anniversary dinner

Attractive prizes to be won!
1st Prize $500 cash
2nd Prize $300 cash
3rd Prize $150 cash

*Both English and Mandarin songs are welcome.

For further enquiries or to register, please contact:
Vera Chia, (; mobile: 9660 9378)
Weixian Xie, (; mobile: 9125 9520)
Swee Yah Wong, (; mobile: 9660 1680)


SIM 1 Toastmasters Club’s 30th Anniversary Celebration
Dress up to the nines and arrive in grandeur as you are greeted by music , a pre-dinner cocktail reception and photo taking. Sample authentic cuisine by Chefs and enjoy spectacular performances by Toastmasters Idols. End the evening with sweet treats and win prizes for the Best Dressed and in the lucky draw.

Date             : 15 November 2014, Saturday
Time             : 6.30pm Cocktail starts
Venue          : Fond Garden Restaurant @Kallang Theatre
Ticket price : $60/pax

What to expect:
• Networking with fellow toastmasters and friends
• Fun and entertaining programs
• Win attractive Lucky draw prizes
• Best dressed contest
• Photographs for momento

So why wait? Join us now to support and participate in this memorable event!

For ticket purchase, please contact:
Wilson Ong (; mobile: 9780 5477)
Jasmine Toh (; mobile: 9030 2198)


Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest 2014

On 15th August 2014, SIM I Toastmasters Club had the Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation (HSSE) contest. Members and guests were treated to entertaining and humorous speeches from the contestants. After that, it was the time for the contestants in the Evaluation Contest to shine with their feedback on the Test Speaker.

President Opening Address – Be Thankful Always !

Fabulous Friday, Division B Governor, Fellow Toastmasters and Honourable Guests. I am very happy you are here tonight to participate and witness the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. It is a pleasure to serve all of you.I want to share with you an event I came across last week, about Being Thankful Always.

One day, a family sat down for dinner. The father askeed his 5year old son to give thanks for the food. The little boy looked round the table, saw the eyes of all family members closed, and scanned the food displayed. Then he said.Lord, I don’t like the food on the table, but I thank you for it, and I will eat it anyway.This boy is very honest, and even though he didn’t like the food, he gave thanks.

For me, whether I like it or not, I had to takeover the organising of this contest from a member who did part of the job due to other commitments. I had to lead by example.But I am thankful and grateful this member managed to recruit some contestants and most of the appointment holders. I am also thankful that the contestants in particular, agreed to step out of their comfort zone, to overcome fear, humility and time to participate in these contests. They made a conscious adjustment to grow, as part of their Toastmasters’ journey.Tonight we will find out whether they are successful as the top 3 winners. We often define success by fame, popularity or fortune. But success is to be measured by the yardstick of obedience, faithfulness and loyalty.I am thankful these contestants have come forward to speak, serve and support. I wantto acknowledge them publicly for their courage and obedience tonight. Whether or not they are the top 3 winners do not matter. They are already successful in walking their talk.

We applaud them for their loyalty. Very soon, you will know who they are.Not forgetting, all the people working behind the scene tonight, a big thank you indeed.
Lastly, I am thankful I live in a country where there is no beheading, as currently experienced by the Iraqis due to the invasion by ISIS.Fellow Toastmasters and guests, what is one thing you can be thankful for tonight ?Let us make it a habit to give thanks in all circumstance every day from now onward.

Be thankful always !

Winners were as follows
Humorous Speech
Champion: Xie WeiXian
1st Runner up: N.Gunasekaran , CC, CL









Speech Evaluation
Champion: Wilson Ong, ACS, ALB
1st Runner up: Vera Chia CC, CL
2nd Runner up: Ong Chuan Aik, DTM








The Champion and the 1st Runner up, will represent SIM I Toastmasters Club for Area B1, B2 and B6 HSSE Contest, on 6th September 2014.

Congratulations to all winners and contestants and let us be there to support our contestants on 6th September 2014!

Venue: Lifelong Learning Institute, 11 Eunos Road 8, #02-01, Singapore 408601 (Near Paya Lebar MRT station)
Date: 6th September 2014, Saturday
Time: 1 – 6pm


See you there on 6 September !


Congratulations to Wilson Ong for achieving Advanced Leader Bronze!

One more DCP added to the club within the 1st month of term 2012/2013

+=+=++ +=+=+= +=+=++ +=+=+= +=+=++ +=+=+= +=+=++ +=+=+=

Congratulations to Michael Ng for achieving Advanced Communicator Gold. One more step to becoming Distinguished Toastmaster Club.

He is now Michael Ng, ACG, ALB