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One of the first 5 clubs in Singapore and first to achieve DTM member. Since 1984.

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EXCO 2016/2017

See the men and women of EXCO team 2016/2017

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Testimonies given by new members. See how to benefited from SIM 1 Toastmasters.

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Congratulations to WeiXian who represented our club in both humorous speech and speech evaluation contest.

He emerged as Speech Evaluation Champion and 2nd runner up in Humorous Speech contest.

Congratulations once again. 
He will be representing Area B3 to compete in the division B speech evaluation contest. Let us show our support.

Continue to fly our club’s flag high! 🚩

Area B3/B4 Humourous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest 

Come and support our member CC Wei xian in the contest. 

Details are s follows:

Thermo Fisher Scientific Toastmasters Club

7 October 2017 

12.30 pm – 5.30 pm

33 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 3 #07-06 Singapore 739256

Park your vehicle at the multistorey car park. 

Enter via Blk 33 Lobby B

Changing of pass is required. 

Results of SIM 1 Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest

Here are the results to our club’s Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest!

Held on 22nd Sep 2017, we saw a huge turn up for the event. A total of 10 contestants took part in both contests, energy level of the crowd were high and everyone enjoyed themselves!
Congrats to the winners:

Humorous Speech Contest

Champion: Xie WeiXian

1st runner up: Imelda 

2nd runner up: Liew Kian Hoe
Speech Evaluation Contest

Champion: Xie WeiXian

1st runner up: Liu Fook Thim

2nd runner up: Ong Chuan Aik
Once again congrats to all winners, let’s support Xie WeiXian at the coming Area B3 contest! 

Stay tune to the details of Area B3 contest happening on 7th Oct.

Chapter Meeting on Friday 8 September 2017

Dear Valued Members + SIM 1 Guest

Chapter Meeting on Friday 8 September 2017 

Details as follows: 
Date: Friday 8 Sep 2017 

Time: 6:45pm

Venue: Raja’s Commercial College, #04-37 Bras Basah Complex, 231 Bain Street, Singapore 180231
We look forward to seeing *YOU* and *YOUR* *GUESTS* tonight Friday 8 Sep 2017
Yours enthusiastically,


Upcoming Chapter Meeting on 11 August 2017

Dear Guests,
Trust you had a great National Day break with your loved ones!
As I reflect on yet another National Day, I am reminded that life is about change and time is a limited resource. Singapore has gone through 52 years of change. Going forward we are reminded that the pace of change will increase as a result of technology disruption.
What to change and where to invest our limited time to effect the change is a decision we have to make. Many of us possess remarkable functional experience and domain knowledge but are challenged when it comes to articulating our ideas. If this describes you, then consider investing your time to change the way you craft, practice and deliver your message.
Join us, tomorrow, at the SIM I Toastmasters Chapter Meeting @ SMU Room 3.2 where we choose to spend our time to Speak, to Improve, to Motivate and to Inspire.
This Friday, we have an invited Speaker, Jit Piru who will help us pull all the above into a plan and be successful.
See you tomorrow!

FT Liu

VP Membership

Exco 2017/18

SIM I Toastmasters Club

Results of Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest 2016/2017

Congratulations to the following SIM 1 members in the Joint Area B3 & B5 Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest:

Area B3 Humorous Champion: Patricia Lim, ACS, ALS

Area B3 Humorous 1st Runner Up: Roy Lee, CC


Speech Evaluation Champion: Wilson Ong, DTM


Martin Boon, CC for contesting in the Area contest.

This is the first Area contest for both Roy and Martin, great job and excellent performance.


Also, a big thank you to all members who were present at SIM HQ to support our contestants.

What you have missed on 23th September 2016

Winners of the day:
Best Table Topics: N Gunasekaran, CC, CL

Best Prepared Speech Speaker: Patricia Lim, ACS, ALS

Best Project Evaluator: Wilson Ong, DTM



Next Chapter Meeting is at SMU, School Of Accountancy,

The theme of the meeting –  Monster Night

Level 3, Room 3.3,

60 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178900

Friday, 14th October 2016, 7.15pm 

Congratulations to TM Yap Boon Liang on achieving the title of Distinguished Toastmaster Award

Congratulations *DTM Yap Boon Liang*
*Here are some highlights of Boon Liang’s achievements* 
1) Past Area Governor

2) Past Division B Governor 

3) Past District 80 Administration Manager 

4) Current Division B advisor 

5) Many other unknown contributions (Chief Judge, etc) to our club and District 80
Please join me to congratulate *DTM Boon Liang* for achieving the highest award a Toastmaster can achieve.

We are proud of you!!! 
It’s like an Olympic Gold medal 🏅for SIM I Toastmasters club. 



What have you missed on 9th September 2016

Winners of the day:

Best Table Topics: Xie Wei Xian, CC

Best Prepared Speech Speaker: Patricia Lim, ACS, ALS

Best Project Evaluator: Wilson Ong, DTM


Next Chapter Meeting is at SMU, School Of Accountancy,
The theme of the meeting – Night of Laughter
Level 3, Room 3.2,
60 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178900

Friday, 23th September 2016, 7.15pm